Career Development Strategy

For many of us, work will form a major part of our lives. But achieving a career that is fulfilling and rewarding with an excellent salary can often feel out of reach. What are the building blocks of a satisfying career?

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Find your career path

When looking to start a new career, you may find that your network of family, friends and colleagues are eager to offer advice. Take it on board, but remember that a successful career can only be defined by you. Is there a career that you could do based around your own strengths, interests and life goals? Doing a SWOT analysis is a useful tool for self-reflection, allowing you to work out the best path for you.

It’s not always about the ‘vertical journey’

Cast your mind back a generation or two and you will find that many workers would join a company straight from school and stay there for the remainder of their working days. Success was measured by internal promotion and prevailing in the competition against fellow colleagues. Nowadays, it is common for people to develop their careers by moving from one job to another. Rather than staying at the same company, see how much money other companies are offering for similar roles. This will help you earn the best salary for your job.

Think outside of the box

Applying for a new job requires proving how your specific skill-set meets certain criteria in the job description. Don’t forget that you may possess a wealth of other knowledge; aptitudes and skills that will help you stand out from the crowd. With a little creativity, you can make an impact with your individuality.

Promote yourself at every possible opportunity

Get work experience, volunteer and work hard. Do everything that you can to promote your own personal ‘brand.’ This will help you get noticed by a range of different companies – one of which could land you your dream job.

Reflect on your skills and abilities

We’ve already mentioned doing a SWOT analysis, but it can be useful to get into the habit of reflecting on your skills, interests and competencies on a regular basis. What are you doing well? Could you have done something better, perhaps in an interview or presentation? Do you need to change your goals? Keep asking yourself these questions to give yourself the best possible chance of success.




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